Self Funders:  Negotiation Service

Our negotiation service saves self-funders thousands of pounds on care fees, let’s see what we can save you.

If you’ve already found a suitable care home, and are concerned the quote from the home is too high (remember you can double check using our FREE care fees calculator), Valuing Care can negotiate a better fee on your behalf.

The majority of self-funders accept the first quote for a care home placement without question despite it being one of the biggest expenses in our life time.  However consider this, at £500 per week, the average length of stay in a residential home totals £60,000, if Valuing Care achieves a 10% reduction (£50 per week), it saves £6,000 over the duration of the stay.   Get in touch now to see what we can save you!

Care home find & negotiation service

If you’re overwhelmed at where to start when looking for a care home for yourself, or a loved one, Valuing Care can manage the process for you.  Our team will identify a minimum of three local care homes with availability that meets your requirements.

Following your preferred choice of care home, Valuing Care will manage price negotiations direct with the provider on your behalf, as well as evaluating contract terms in relation to future price increases.

For a smoother, quicker approach to finding a care home and to secure a reduction on the care home quote you’ve received, contact us today.