Negotiate fees on existing placements (MyCareCosts)

national purchasing centerValuing Care’s national reputation and in-depth understanding of care purchasing through its MyCareCosts programme has delivered negotiated savings on existing placements of over £15m per annum across 100 NHS organisations and Local Authorities since the programme launched in 2006.

Valuing Care provides the MyCareCosts service to purchasers with existing long term placements that seek assurance that the costs of delivering the service aligns with the prices they are paying.

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Phase 1

Providers complete a detailed financial template which is then compared on a “like for like basis” with Value for Money organisations recorded in the company database.The outcome  informs the Purchaser about the Value for Money status of the service.

Phase 2
Placements assessed at Phase 1 as delivering the service at costs above or below the Value for Money benchmarks  can be taken forward to the second phase.
The service provides a financial audit of the placement and offers the Purchaser the opportunity for existing fees to be  re negotiated to a Value For Money fee.


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  • CCG single home care case achieved an annual saving of £45,000. The negotiation focussed on the charge for service management and level of operational return.
  • Local Authority residential service – one provider, 4 placements achieved a collective annual saving of £100,000. The negotiation focussed on building costs and capital return.


The MyCareCosts service is delivered for a set fee on a per case basis.

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