New  Online System Enables More Cost-effective Purchasing

Over the last year Valuing Care has developed a new care services costing toolkit that combines the Company’s market intelligence and data with an on-line purchasing process. This new software helps streamline current purchasing  processes whilst utilising Valuing Care’s data averages and cost models.

The new tool is being trialled in a live environment with Warrington CCG.

Key Benefits

  • An “on-line” uniform process
  • Real-time cost comparisons of individual packages to Valuing Care’s database located anywhere in the UK.
  • Enables assessors to input the required levels of care to be commissioned: both shared and 1 to 1.
  • Ability to link pricing decisions to a particular care home, buyers and locations.
  • System generated outputs detailing care hours and cost specifications downloaded to excel, printed to PDF or hard copy to support a contract and to facilitate reviews
  • Automate inflation uplift and exceptional pricing without having to get into lengthy negotiation with providers.
  • Location based model data that can be built into the system to allow bespoke cost rates by CCG, Local Authority, regional or national level

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Why Valuing Care have developed the toolkit

CHC is a significant cost to CCGs across the country with eligibility growing considerably over the last 10 years: in the 2nd quarter of 2016/17 it equated to 27.9 patients per 50,000 population aged 18 and over.

The rising costs is driving a growing expectation for increased scrutiny of expenditure with an urgency to reduce costs and achieve greater value for money through more efficient pricing.

The ability to determine “usual prices” for services is not an easy fit for CHC as each patient has varied needs and  a ‘one size fits all’ commissioning model is not appropriate.

To overcome this Valuing Care has developed this software which  enables the Assessor to build the care plan services and receieve a detailed breakdown of the delivery costs a provider would incur inclusive of profit margins

This  transparency empowers the Assessor to conduct “informed” negotiations and leads to better decision making and value for money purchasing.

Using the system at the point of purchase reduces the need to constantly deal with appeals and escalated reviews

To register for a demo, email  or call 01273 757233.