Adults:  Usual Cost of Delivery/Review Pricing

Are your pricing systems and fee tariffs reflective of the usual cost of delivering services?  Procurement processes and pricing systems can be improved by developing a greater understanding of the local cost of delivering services.

To achieve this we can collect detailed financial information from your selected providers and analyse, and benchmark the results against our database comparator in order to challenge and corroborate findings.  If you’d like to know more about our review pricing, get in touch here.


Focus on: Gloucestershire County Council

The Council commissioned Valuing Care to undertake a cost review of care home services for working age
adults. The purpose of the review was to help the Council update its ‘Residential Pricing Tool,’ which was no longer considered fit for purpose.

Through established processes Valuing Care undertook a survey of care home costs to identify the usual cost of providing services locally. The cross corroboration of the survey results with Valuing Care’s cost model, and national database comparator, provided the Council with clear guidance of what represents a fair rate for care
home services.

Key benefits:
• Established processes for engaging care home providers and evidencing the usual cost of providing services.
• Cross corroboration of local survey results with Valuing Care’s national database comparator.
• Increased intelligence about the range of fees charged to different customer.